Reviews and Testimonials

Phoenix Sinclair, Berkeley, CA
“Krista Miller came to me with high commendation and I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor to help me with the sale of my property last year. She is very knowledgeable and extremely pleasant to work with. Tell her Phoenix sent you!  You can send me an email with questions about my experience with Krista.”

Adam and Carey Young, El Cerrito, CA
“Krista did what I had always thought would be impossible – she helped my wife and I buy our first home! We had to finance using an FHA loan because we didn’t have a lot of savings for a big down payment. This can be a huge challenge in a competitive market like the East Bay. But Krista helped us find a perfect mortgage broker and then she convinced sellers that we were a good risk to do business with. Thanks to Krista’s network of professional relationships, her persuasiveness, and her passion we now come home every night to a beautiful house and garden. We could not be happier!”

Viji Nathan, Albany, CA
“Krista Miller. If you’d like an enthusiastic, well-informed and super-responsive Realtor to look out for Your interests in buying/selling a house in East Bay, look no further. I had a great house to sell, the timing was great, but due to events beyond my control my sale got delayed. That’s when Krista came into the picture.. and from day one it was as if the house was as much her issue as mine.. you can find a brilliant Realtor (maybe), but one who’s also completely ethical and fair… and great fun to work with.. Lucky you, you’ve found Krista Miller!”

Myron Yeung, Oakland, CA
“Krista is so awesome! She found me the perfect place and walked me through the entire process, patiently answering all my questions. She has a knack for understanding what you want and delivering. If you’re looking to move or sell in the East Bay, look no further than Krista!”

Margarita Salazar, San Leandro, CA
“Krista Miller was my real estate agent when I sold my condo and purchased my first single family home. Krista’s compassion, hard work and professionalism made the entire process less stressful. She was always available to answer my questions, show me property or research information. Krista’s work ethic and warm smile made put me at ease during what is usually a very overwhelming experience. I would recommend Krista Miller to any one who is venturing in selling or buying a home.”

Jim and Michele Wimborough, Oakland, CA
“I cannot recommend highly enough Krista Miller – Realtor extraordinaire! Krista made buying our first house a truly enjoyable experience. She “got” us from the get-go and was patient, encouraging and really fun to work with. She knows the East Bay like the back of her hand and will no doubt help you find your dream home (or sell your current one)!

Rebecca Brams and Mikhail Davis, Berkeley, CA
“Krista was a fantastic agent to work with in buying our first home. She was on top of every detail of the process – from touring houses to putting together the offer to following up on all the closing paperwork. Krista knew the answer to every question I asked, and if she didn’t, she knew someone who did! She assuaged my worries as we tried to find financing, and she worked around my toddler’s schedule for our meetings. Plus, she made the process fun. I have complete confidence in Krista and recommend her highly.”

Janet Carr and Gabe Sciannella, Berkeley, CA
“Krista helped us sell our home in Berkeley. We were immediately comfortable would recommend her without hesitation. She was with us every step of the way and was always there to meet with us, the inspectors, and the stagers. We never felt lost or alone. Krista is kind, considerate, and a genuine person.”

Sara Knight and Renee Solari, El Cerrito, CA
“Krista was amazing throughout the entire process of buying our house. She was always available to answer our questions and took the time to answer them thoroughly, which was very reassuring as first time home buyers. She knows the local market and has the experience to expertly guide us through this daunting process. If not for Krista, I’m quite sure we wouldn’t have our house today.”

Debra Sue Kelvin and Corey Mason, El Cerrito, CA
“Krista is an extraordinary person ~ organized (beyond), kind, efficient, smart, very market-savvy, a great listener, understanding & compassionate. She helped guide Corey and me when our landlord put our house on the market last year, as far as how to manage the challenges that would arise, and how to best handle our self-care under some of the duress. If/when I buy a home, it will be with her.”

James DiCicco, Oakland, CA
“As a first-time home buyer, I was grateful to have Krista by my side throughout the home-buying and closing process. Krista’s knowledge and around-the-clock availability was comforting and very much appreciated.”

Leslie Plettner, Oakland, CA
“Krista demonstrated extraordinary tenacity, knowledge, and creativity to get our deal closed. She gracefully walked the challenging line of providing us with the necessary information to make an informed decision without telling us what to do. She always listened to our interest and advocated accordingly. I would highly recommend Krista to anyone interested in buying or selling a home. Her knowledge, skills, and fortitude will add tremendous value to any transaction.  Thanks again Krista for helping to close MLK!!!”

Kaiwe Goo and Fanshen Vandivere, Richmond, CA
When I first thought of asking Krista Miller to be our real estate agent, I was wondering if she would turn us down.  My partner and I were completely new to house buying, and had a very limited budget.  Without hesitation, Krista agreed to take us on.  As we started this process of house hunting, I realized that our list of wants and needs kept getting longer and longer.  We had several bumps that slowed us down, during which we just didn’t know what to do.   Krista stayed positive, kept us focused on our task, and helped us move forward.

I’d heard many horror stories about house buying.  I went in dreading the process.  Krista helped clear the way.  She explained piles of paperwork repeatedly until we understood what they meant. She is savvy with using many means to get things done, including using the electronic world.  She has a fantastic base of referrals, which we tapped into several times.  In addition, Krista was extremely timely, making time for us whenever we needed her.  With her guidance, we were actually able to buy our house in the original escrow time!

Krista Miller has an ideal combination of warm, confident people skills, loads of useful advice, a cool head under pressure, and the knowledge to move the process along in an extremely timely manner.   My partner and I are so very grateful for working with Krista, and we highly recommender her as a real estate agent.

Jessie G.
If you want someone who is extremely attentive to your needs and fun to work with, Krista is the one! She makes the entire process easy and has a keen sense of where to look to suit your desire. Very professional, with a good sense of humor, which comes in handy during the stressful parts of home buying! She will go out of her way to please and makes you feel like a valued client.  Highly recommended!

DeAnna Tibbs, Oakland, CA
I wish that I had known Krista when I bought my house!

I met Krista in Berkeley Outstanding Women’s Network, a group that I participated in for several years with her. During that time, she served as president and membership coordinator at various times and also organized some events for the group.

She has the biggest (figurative) toolbag of just about anyone that I know. In addition to the 5 senses that we all have, somehow Krista has cultivated business sense, organization sense and interpersonal skills that top most people that I know.  She is able to think creatively to solve problems and come up with new ways of doing things. I find her delightful and inspiring.

She has become a friend, but she has also become a trusted source of information and a resource. I have called her many times to ask her questions about properties on my block or buying foreclosures. I have also referred a number of friends to her. They have all been thrilled with her professionalism, friendliness and service.

I can’t recommend Krista highly enough nor would I recommend anyone else as an East Bay realtor.

Lynn and Joey Rapoza, Berkeley, CA
Last summer we were just casually looking for a bigger home for our growing family, and we found just what we needed on our own. I immediately called Krista, our realtor friend, and asked her to help us get the ball rolling on an offer. It was accepted – and we spent the next four months working with her to finalize the purchase, and equally important, to sell our existing home in a down economy. While it was a really stressful time overall, Krista made everything go as smoothly as it possibly could. We ended up selling at the price we wanted after just the standard two open houses. With a different realtor, I’m not sure this would have happened.

What I love best about Krista:

– When making an offer, she insisted we write a letter to the sellers on why we wanted the house, and then she presented our offer in person. We were not the highest offer, so I am certain these two points helped cinch it for us.

– When getting ready to sell our house, she followed the ever-changing market on a weekly basis and made sure we priced our house right to sell. She also set our expectations re: what we might realistically get for a home we purchased near the peak of the market, in 2004.

– She provided a checklist of items for us to complete to get the house ready for market. She also told us why she recommended each step, and provided referrals to help with things like painting and staging.

– We ended up with two open houses, both in the rain. The electricity went out during the second. But she still managed to bring us four solid offers, three well above our asking price and within range of our goal.

– She explained the pros and cons of each offer and made her recommendation, but left the final decision to us.

– She was 100% available every step of the way, via phone, email, and text, through the entire purchase and sale process. All this while she was 6-9 months pregnant!

Thank you, Krista! We don’t plan on moving again for a long while, but will heartily recommend you to anyone looking for a fantastic realtor in the East Bay.

Wes and Melissa Nelson, Oakland, CA
We found Krista through Yelp when the “traditional” channels failed us and she turned out to be the BEST realtor we could have asked for. Not only did she answer all our questions & hold our hand at each step in the process, she soothed our frazzled nerves when our mortgage broker turned out to be a tool. Our only regret – that we didn’t find Krista before we signed on with a mortgage broker! She was surprisingly fierce when she thought our deal was in jeopardy & got us back on track so we could close the deal on our first home. She has an amazing set of resources, from home inspectors and mortgage brokers to plumbers and electricians. Highly, highly recommended. If we ever decide to sell our home, she will definitely be the first person we call!

Julie Beal, El Cerrito, CA
I found Krista through a real estate website where I posted a question.  Of all the responses I got, hers was the only one that I understood because she explained everything to me in ordinary terms instead of all that real estate lingo I did not understand at that time.  When I met her for the first time, she was warm, friendly and incredibly knowledgeable.  I was worried about the low amount I could afford, especially here in the costly Bay Area, but she didn’t even bat an eye and just continued to plow on through helping me to find the right home.

I just closed on a house this week thanks to Krista.  Krista stuck by me for TWO WHOLE YEARS without ever being pushy over my indecisiveness and hesitance at being a first-time home buyer.  She even gave me moving boxes and tape to help me in my move.  I started out with an agent but ended up with a friend!

Linda Kim, San Francisco, CA
Krista’s expertise and approachable way of explaining the complex world of real estate was so helpful as we were debating the sale of my parent’s home.  She was so personally invested in my dilemma, I knew I could trust her advice.  She not only thinks about the transaction of buying and selling a home but the things we don’t think about….blood/sweat/love you have to put into it in an economical way.
Thx again, Krista!

Karthik Kasinathan, Oakland, CA
Krista was my real estate agent for a short sale townhome. We made the offer in the last quarter of 2011 and the offer was approval by the bank around 6 months later. She was very helpful, updated me often and extremely thorough in her updates while we were waiting on the approval. Once the offer was accepted, she assisted me through the escrow and I was able to seamlessly relocate to my new place. My family and friends are surprised to hear that I could manage my first home purchase on my own without seeking any of their help and I have to thank Krista for making it easy for me. She was incredibly knowledgeable and responded to my questions immediately – in great detail.  Thank you so much Krista.

Joshua Tomlinson, El Cerrito, CA
Krista has handled every step of selling my home with grace, intelligence, levity, sensitivity (to the market AND to my situation), and efficiency. The sale of my home has come at a time of significant turmoil and transition in my life and I simply can’t imagine making it through the process without Krista’s help. She is a warm and selfless professional.
I would certainly echo the sentiment I read in one of her other testimonials: “I started out with a realtor and ended up with a friend.” She’s super organized, clear, responsive, willing to go out of her way, and, on top of all that, she’s got a huge heart!
Thank you so much, Krista!
And to everyone else, Krista is the ONE!

Lisa and Chris, El Cerrito, CA
Bottom line: Krista is knowledgeable, responsive, resourceful, organized, caring, and will be your advocate to the end.

My husband and I were first time home buyers living in Sacramento and looking to buy in the bay. Two different relatives enthusiastically recommended Krista. She clearly explained the steps from looking for a house to closing on one. She also took detailed notes about what we were looking for and what our price range was.

And thus started our 6 month search. During that time, Krista would show us houses on the weekends we could make it down, recommend we visit homes she’d seen earlier that matched our criteria, and find answers to any questions we had about homes that interested us. She responded to our E-mails/texts/calls very quickly and kept us updated whenever we put in offers. She was the only agent to personally deliver our offer on the house we got; I think her presentation helped sway the sellers to pick us over higher bidders. Krista then worked to keep everything on track so we could close on time. She even offered to deliver the house keys to us on Thanksgiving Day.

If we ever need to buy/sell a house in the future, we are going to Krista first!

Greg Brensilver and Becca Rice, Berkeley, CA
For the record, I’ve never posted a Yelp review before.  Krista is just too good and memorable for me not to promote her.  My wife and I were new to this whole process and required significant handholding from start to finish.  In this highly competitive market, I can honestly say we would have been lost without her.  There were multiple times where we had interactions with listing agents during the process, and I always felt we were in superior hands.  Plus, she is also just a genuinely fun and interesting person, and that takes the edge off the frustration that comes with this often demoralizing process.

I am particularly sensitive to ethics, and there was an occasion where Krista could have easily led us to close on a home, but instead recognized our ambivalence and encouraged us to move on.  She could have made 20K the next day and we would have been happy with the home, but she helped us realize we could do better.  In the end, we would not have closed on our home without her– I am confident about that.  Her knowledge and savviness become clear quickly, and you will notice that all agents you meet regard her highly, which is always a good sign.

Kerra and Michael, Kensington, CA 
A friend of mine who works at Berkeley Hills Realty recommended Krista. She told me that not only is she a fantastic realtor who works hard for her clients, but that she has a great personality and that we would get along well. I’m so happy my husband and I chose her. Krista tirelessly searched for the perfect first house for us, thoroughly explained the process and was an excellent negotiator. Even though we leaned heavily on her throughout the long and arduous search, she never made us feel like a burden. Even now, when we’re settling into our new house, Krista continues to help us with recommendations for professional help. She was extremely pleasant to work with and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Doug and Laurie Clifford, El Cerrito, CA {May 2013}
Krista- my husband and I have had the fortune to purchase and sell properties in Kensington CA, Lake Tahoe, Reno NV, Hawaii, Portland OR and Scottsdale AZ.  In all those transactions we have never experienced anyone as professional and caring as you have been in selling our Parent’s home. Your assistance thru the entire sale went far beyond that of anyone we ever used.   Your help with acquiring painters and stagers to the appraisers and inspectors was amazing. Emailing us the daily comps and getting us abreast of the market value was so important to our decision on the listing price. You advised us on the perfect price and with your knowledge,the sale within two weeks was beyond our expectations.  Out of our nine previous real estate transactions you rose above them all.  Please feel free to use this message as a recommendation to future clients.  Thank you so much, Doug and Laurie



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