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New Listing: 730 Stannage, Albany


730 Stannage in Albany

We first met the seller of 730 Stannage back in early June of this year.  Her dad had just passed away and she was looking for guidance as to what to do with the family house.  Her family moved into the house nearly 60 years ago.  It was home to many family parties, neighborhood “Solano Stroll” parties, eating guavas from the tree in back, enjoying an afternoon cup of coffee on the front porch, and creating wonderful projects in the large basement.  Birthdays were celebrated, grandchildren played, and the neighborhood grew.

She was faced with the decision to keep it, sell it, or rent it.  And would it need to be fixed up?  The house had (has) an amazing energy in it, but it was not updated.  What to do?

We were brought in to help her weigh her options.  Over the course of the next few weeks we presented her with various costs, advantages, disadvantages.  We discussed budgets and best return on investment.  But the first step was to help her empty out the house, which was full of decades worth of memories.

We brought in our amazing “she can help you get rid of all of this” person but it turned out that the belongings weren’t worth much money and the seller would be better off having an estate sale.  So that’s what she did.  She enlisted family and neighbors, and we lent her some signs.  For four days people came in and picked out their own little gems.

After the estate sale we took over.  There was still a lot of stuff left so we took what we could to good will, El Cerrito Recycling, and donation centers.  We brought in Nurture Source Designs, a fabulous stager, and with their help we transformed the home into a modern gem.  Now it was a home with good energy, AND it looked good too.  We painted, re-finished floors, remodeled the kitchen and bath, had windows cleaned, landscaped the yard.  The entire process took just over four weeks.  It is now on the market and looking for its new owner, perhaps someone who will live there for the next 60 years.  For more information please visit

dining room 1 before

Dining Room BEFORE


dining room 1 after

Dining Room AFTER


kitchen 1 before

Kitchen BEFORE


kitchen 1 after

Kitchen AFTER

Wondering whether you have options?  We would be happy to meet with you to discuss as well.

Krista + Rosie




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