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Daylight Savings Time Means Time to Bounce Forward

Ok, if Realtors are good for something, it is for constantly reminding you that Daylight Savings has either arrived or left the building.  Ok, well, at least I am.  See, it all stems back to when I was in high school and working at Target (or Tar-jhay, as my daughter says) in Granada Hills.  I showed up one morning EARLY because NOBODY had the decency to remind me to change my clock.  (No thanks to the parental units)  That experience scarred me for life.  I have always been extremely punctual and what an embarrassment!  Plus, they wouldn’t let me come in early and get paid an extra hour.

Many agents send out this reminder in a post card and say “Spring is here, it is a good time to buy or sell.  Call me and I will help you!”  Aye aye aye.  Seriously?  I find that annoying because for some it isn’t a good time to buy or sell.  For some it is a terrible time to buy or sell! 

For me, my whole reasoning is that I don’t want you to be late for brunch because it closed an hour ago. 

So, remember to set your clocks ahead one hour on March 14th.  And enjoy your brunch with an extra shot of espresso since I know you will be tired.


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