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El Cerrito Speakeasy to Close Indefinately

Another favorite spot, closed…

By Shelly Meron
West County Times
Posted: 05/19/2009 01:58:38 PM PDT
Updated: 05/19/2009 02:00:07 PM PDT
EL CERRITO – The Cerrito Speakeasy Theater is closed indefinitely, with the operators saying they have run out of cash for movies, food and payroll.

“We don’t have any money to go forward,” said Catherine Fischer, who has been operating the theater with her husband, Kyle. “Unless people want to donate food, movies and work, there’s nothing we can do.”

Fischer said she and her husband have told city officials for months they need financial help and have tried to renegotiate their lease. City officials previously said they did not receive sufficient information from the Fischers, and communication was lacking. The city’s redevelopment agency voted earlier this month to terminate the lease and find a new operator.

The trouble began about 18 months ago, when the Fischers became unable to pay their $10,000 monthly rent. They said the bad economy, unexpected constructions costs, inability to get first-run movies when the theater first opened and the Hollywood writers’ strike all contributed to the financial problems.


2 comments for “El Cerrito Speakeasy to Close Indefinately”

  1. I read about this…so sad! It was the only thing that consoled me about losing the Parkway!

    Posted by DeAnna Tibbs | May 21, 2009, 6:30 pm
  2. Let’s see…why is the Cerrito Theater closing? Maybe it’s because Kyle Fischer is an alcoholic? Maybe it’s because instead of thinking of ways to improve his business he sits in his failing “It Club” every Friday night and drinks 3 bottles of wine?

    Hmm, maybe…or it could also be that his GM is the most incompetent person who has ever been employed, whose main talents and skills that have been keeping her job for the past decade are sexual favors to Kyle.

    Maybe it’s because Kyle knows what a terrible person he is and feels so guilty about everything that he’s done to his family, the community of Oakland, the city of El Cerrito, and every person who has ever worked for him (except GM Emily Vander Tuin) and is trying to make ammends by self-sabotage? No, he’s too selfish for that.

    For everyone out there who has thanked these people for everything that they’ve done, who have told them how much they love them, take a step back and think about everything they have ruined.

    Employees of the Parkway Theater were given 3 days notice that the place was closing. Employees of the Cerrito were given NONE.

    Posted by Jason Patterson | May 27, 2009, 8:44 am

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