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Bad Berkeley Whole Foods, Don’t Kick the Ashby Florist in the Butt

I normally love Whole Foods.  I don’t think I have ever had anything bad to say about them.  Generally they stand for community, free trade, and quality items.  But when I read an article last week that said they would be kicking out Ashby Florist, their life-long tenant of 50+ years, I was outraged.  And the reason they wanted to kick them out?  So they could build a little coffee shop.  COME ON NOW!  This is assenine.  And un-neighborly.  And just plain rude.

But then the community spoke up.  The same community who has supported Whole Foods AND Ashby Florist for all of these years.  The same community who is loyal, considerate, and had a lot to say about this. 

The latest news from March 5th said that Whole Foods didn’t realize what a treasure Ashby Florist was.  ARE YOU SERIOUS???  Why else would a florist be able to stay in business so long?  And in this economy?  Give me a break, Whole Foods.  Well, it looks like the community won.  It may take us some time to recover, but at least Whole Foods saw the error in their ways.

Only in Berkeley.


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