How Following Zillow’s “Best Time to List” Tool Could Hurt You

By April 25, 2017 @ 4:58 pm

The magic listing window likely won’t work in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Making recent news in the world of real estate was an announcement by Zillow about a new tool for home sellers. The listing portal’s “Best Time to List” tool estimates how much the timing of when a property is listed will influence its sales price, based on the sales history of the property’s local market. “Sellers can use this information to have a more informed conversation with their local real estate agent to determine the best time to put their home on the market,” Zillow said when announcing the tool. Click here to enlarge chart. Everyone knows that the spring is a hot time to sell in San Francisco Bay Area, but Zillow shares specific dates to list your home.

However, there are two caveats that Zillow does not include:

  1. If sellers held their listings from the market and took Zillow’s advice, there would be a spike of inventory on the market during the two week window they suggest which would have the exact opposite effect of what benefit they are purporting and “cluster the competition”. Prices would actually drop.
  2. The second caveat is that with such low inventory that the San Francisco and East Bay housing markets are currently experiencing, the statistics they are using to find the “best dates” can be a less than accurate data pull.   “Big data works on so many levels in determining what consumers are doing or about to do”, says Berkeley Hills Realty Broker, Tracy Sichterman. “However, when you ask your Realtor, “When’s the best time to list my home?” to get top dollar for your property, the answer is in the local expertise. We have specific knowledge of the Berkeley, Oakland and East Bay market and we track local sales statistics daily.”   “We encourage home sellers and buyers to do internet research”, Sichterman added, “But when it’s time to get the local story with the real time housing statistics for this area, we suggest talking to a local Realtor.”

Krista and Rosie offer complimentary comparative market analysis to determine the value of your home and advice about the selling or buying process. Contact us today!

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3405 Wisconsin, 3 beds + 2 baths in the HOT Laurel District

By April 6, 2017 @ 2:12 pm

New Listing in the Laurel District

Just Listed 3405 Wisconsin

We just listed this SWEET 3 bedroom, 2 bath home in the HOT Laurel District.  3405 Wisconsin is a terrific RANCH-style home.

Welcome to 3405 Wisconsin Street., a gorgeous, single-level home located in the Laurel District. This tastefully updated 3 bed, 2 bath home has been well-cared for over the years. As soon as you approach the house you will instantly notice the beautiful planter boxes framed by diamond-laced windows. The front walkway is lined by a colorful array of drought-tolerant plantings with a towering redwood above.

Once inside you will be facing a large tiled entry overlooking the living room. Framed by a large picture window and a beautiful brick fireplace the living room provides a sunny + comfortable place to relax and unwind. The spacious bedrooms and master suite are located on one end of the house and the living space on the other- perfect for entertaining! Features include: gourmet kitchen + dining room w/built in brick oven, bonus room (think family room or office), huge laundry room, spacious master bedroom and a 2 car garage with workbench.

Outside there is a large deck that can be enjoyed year-round. The pergola, dressed in fun party lights, creates a sense of privacy and character. The Seller’s have used this as an extension of their home by adding in a couch, table and table top fire pit. This is a great space to host parties, BBQ, or wind down at the end of a long day. The other side of the house features a large, sunny garden where you can grow everything from plants to veggies to fruit trees.

We always ask Sellers what drew them to their house. For the owners it wasn’t just the style of the house but the neighborhood. The neighbors were so friendly at they instantly felt at home. Jordan Park was a huge draw for their family, as was the proximity to the shops + restaurants on MacArthur Blvd. The huge success of Sequoia Diner has put the Laurel District on the map as the next cool spot. 4505 Burgers, Taprooms, and niche gift stores are all entering the Laurel scene. The Transbay bus is nearby, and that was also a big draw.


A Historical Tour of San Pablo Park, Berkeley

By March 25, 2017 @ 9:44 am

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.51.05 PM

San Pablo Park

Berkeley has some amazing parks.  I recently learned that San Pablo Park is the oldest park in Berkeley.  I have sold a bunch of homes near the park, but it wasn’t until I was speaking to the Seller of an upcoming listing that I learned about the backstory of the park including its deep history within the community.

The land was purchased in 1907 for $35,000 (this equates to about $850k in today’s market!); in 1914 it was developed by John Gregg, a Professor of landscape gardening and floriculture at U.C. Berkeley, who designed the original sports fields and play areas.  Later that year the park was dedicated and open for use.  The park quickly became one of the best recreation fields in the San Francisco Bay Area, and or several decades, it had the only baseball diamond in town.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.17.08 PM

Real estate for sale!

Around the 1930’s San Pablo Park became a Black neighborhood.  Amidst rising discrimination the residents surrounding the park started the San Pablo Park Neighborhood Council with the hopes of maintaining the park’s integrity.  By this time the park served as home field to both the Berkeley and Oakland Black baseball teams.  Oakland would not allow Black’s to play on their fields.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.16.49 PM

First Black baseball team

It wasn’t until 1964 that the recreation center and children’s playground were added, costing $200,000.

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 11.36.33 PM

San Pablo Park, March 2017. Photo by Krista Miller.

Today the park is a thriving + active community of children playing in the tot lot; baseball enthusiasts continuing to hit home runs; the spring of tennis balls on the courts; balloons flying overhead during birthday parties; and kids + adults chasing after the ice cream truck during the Spring and Summer months.  The park has come a long way!

Next time you are in Berkeley be sure to stop by this amazing park.  And take a little time to reflect on its rich history.


The Next “It” Spot: The Laurel District

By March 20, 2017 @ 7:20 pm

First it was Temescal, then “Uptown” Oakland, and recently West Oakland.  Now it is the Laurel District!  Ok, now I am sure there are those of you who will say that The Laurel District was already pretty cool.  But when food and shopping become an anchor, meaning, a reason to visit a neighborhood, that is when the area really takes off.  Fast forward from 2015 to 2017 and you will see amazing things happening in the Laurel.

I am sure you are reading this and thinking “So what’s coming?”

Ever since Sequoia Diner opened their doors in May 2015 there have been lines out the door.  This little mom-and-pop shop specializes in breakfast and brunch and makes everything from scratch.  They feature home-made breads, pastries, sausages and jam.  The biscuits are AMAZING!!  Definitely worth getting.  The owners have done a terrific job of really incorporating the style and feel of the diner into the neighborhood.  Located at 3719 MacArthur.

4505 Burgers and BBQ is taking their delicious, and wildly popular burgers into the Laurel District.  The bestselling burgers will take over an old school, retro hot dog spot, Glenn’s Hot Dogs.  The location will be at 3506 MacArthur Blvd.

The trendy homegoods and clothing store, “Therapy,” is another new addition to the neighborhood.  Located at 3731 MacArthur this store features everything from small novelty items to retro furniture and clothes.  Rosie and I walked in the other day and were blown away by the selection at this particular location.

Homestead Apothecary has a store in Temescal, and now there is one in the Laurel.  Located at 3807 MacArthur this quaint herbal apothecary provides affordable herbal education and showcases local artists and herbalists.

Opening any minute is Degrees Plato, a taproom and bottle shop catering to community-oriented gatherings.  The locally owned and operated casual dining restaurant will feature craft brews and small bites with a latin-flare.  This spot looks like it will be right up our alley!  Can’t wait to check it out.  4251 MacArthur @ High.

Speaking of beer, the Laurel Beer Garden is getting closer to opening.  There has been some pushback from the local community but looks like they have applied for the beer + wine license and are moving forward.  The beer garden will offer 20 beers on tap and local pub food.  Directly next to the Laurel Beer Garden there appears to be a chocolate gelato cafe, headed by Bramosia Chocolates company, in the works.  The owner of the building for both the beer garden and the chocolate shop is spearheading the project.  The beer garden and chocolate shop are located at 3721 + 3725 MacArthur.

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 3.00.27 PM

Coming! Laurel Beer Garden

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 3.00.13 PM

Shop @ Therapy


Novelty Gifts @ Therapy – this is funny! And true.


Krista + Rosie outside of Sequoia Diner.


Future home of 4505 Burgers


Opening soon at 4251 MacArthur: Degrees Platos


New Listing!! Berkeley Golden Duplex w/ Income Potential

By March 19, 2017 @ 1:27 pm

Chic, Artistic, Stylish!

We have a fantastic new listing in Berkeley near San Pablo Park, 1308 Russell St, a terrific Golden Duplex with income potential.

Now here is the deal.  Have you ever come across a house that was so much more than a house, it was a piece of art? A Mediterranean oasis? A home where you could make some income? A home where there was so much space you would never feel like you were standing on each other? A home with a perfectly charming spot for your parents / in­laws / au pair?

1308 Russell in Berkeley is it!!

For the past 22 years the Seller of this incredible home has lovingly updated and cared for every nook and cranny. The FRONT HOUSE is a 2 bedroom, 1 bath bungalow that has been sweetly updated. The original details remain but the modern updates will attract any soul.

In back, Unit 2, is the COOLEST 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom oasis. Simply put, there is nothing like this around. But guess what? You could easily make this a part of the front house and then you will have ONE BIG HOUSE. With a Master Suite. What??? Yes!

But then, step outside and you will find more space. A DETACHED workshop. Office, game room, art studio, play room. There is a loft for sleeping, storing, or nothing at all. But something sure does feel right.

LOCATION! If you don’t know Central Berkeley you should. Berkeley Bowl West, San Pablo Park, Berkeley Iron Works, easy access to 80/580 freeways / AC Transit / BART, 900 Grayson and so much more!

HISTORY: San Pablo Park is the oldest park in Berkeley.  I recently wrote a fantastic article about its history, you can read that here.

What do you think? Come on by today from 2:00 ­- 4:30 and see what makes this spot so great.


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